I have extensive experience of teaching English, heritage/museum studies, and interdisciplinary humanities modules at all levels, including both module leadership and team teaching. This includes teaching medieval and early modern literature, critical theory, cross-period/literature survey modules, and curatorial/heritage theory and practice. I am available for guest lectures, workshops, seminars and casual teaching work in 2022-23.

My teaching ethos is informed by a commitment to making visible the ‘hidden curriculum’ of higher education and to decolonising my teaching practice (not just diversifying my reading lists, but integrating decolonial perspectives and pedagogies). I use my background in widening participation (as a former research and evaluation administrator for Go Higher West Yorkshire) and my expertise as a trans awareness trainer to create an accessible and inclusive classroom. My teaching is also research-based, empowering students to shape the sources we read, the direction of discussion, and the topics of assessments. I see all of these techniques as crucial to engaging students and addressing the awarding gap for students of colour.

Student feedback

  • “Kit is a really great seminar tutor. I get so much from the seminars – interactive, engaging, well thought through.”
  • “Kit’s enthusiasm was on another level.”
  • “Kit’s prompts sparked great conversations and encouraged us to think outside of the box, leading to come stimulating debates and fantastic new ideas.”
  • “Kit’s feedback was so helpful and constructive.”
  • “I thought Kit struck an excellent balance between allowing students to express opinions and engage with each other and also directing debate down relevant and thought-provoking avenues.”
  • “Kit’s [lecture delivery] has been extremely clear, engaging and interesting.”
  • “Kit has been the absolute best at one-to-one meetings…made the time when needed and really made sure to hear you out and suggests practical steps to help you not just with the content of the module, but also with prepping for assessments.”

Teaching experience

Department of History of Art, University of York (2022)

BA Curating and Art History, Y1: Guest lecturer/seminar tutor, ‘Queer Curation’

School of English and Drama, Queen Mary, University of London (2021-22)

MA English Literature: Lecturer/seminar tutor, ‘The Production of Texts in Context’

BA English, Y3: Dissertation supervisor for eight students working on gender in medieval, early modern and contemporary literature; lecturer/seminar tutor, ‘Shakespeare: the play, the word and the book’

BA English, Y2: Lecturer/seminar tutor, ‘Renaissance Drama’; ‘Renaissance Literary Culture’

BA English, Y1: Lecturer/seminar tutor, ‘Shakespeare’

Department of Humanities, Northumbria University (2020-21)

MA English Literature: Module convenor/lecturer/seminar tutor, ‘Critical Contexts’

BA English, Y3: Dissertation supervisor for five students working on gender in medieval, early modern and contemporary literature

BA English, Y1: Seminar tutor, ‘Introduction to Literary Studies’

Humanities Foundation Year: Seminar tutor, ‘Exploring the Culture and History of the North East; ‘Exploring Identity’; ‘Explorations in War and Conflict’

Department of English, King’s College London (2019-20)

MA Early Modern English Literature: Text & Transmission: Seminar tutor, ‘Premodern Dialogues’; ‘Working With Early Modern Literary Texts’

BA English, Y3: Module convenor/lecturer/seminar tutor, ‘The Life of the Sonnet’

BA English, Y2: Module convenor/lecturer/seminar tutor, ‘The Poetry of Revolution’

        Seminar tutor, ‘Comedy and Identity’; ‘Language on the Edge’

BA English, Y1: Seminar tutor, ‘Classical and Biblical Contexts’; ‘Reading Poetry’

        Lecturer, ‘Early Modern Literary Culture’

Personal tutor: 10 Y1 students; 2 Y3 students; 6 MA students

School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics, Newcastle University (2018-19)

BA English, Y3: Module co-convenor/lecturer/seminar tutor, ‘Other Renaissances: Gender, Race and Sexuality in Early Modern Culture’

BA English, Y2: Lecturer and seminar tutor, ‘Writing the Renaissance’

School of English, University of Leeds (2014-18)

BA English, Y3: Workshop leader, ‘Final Year Project in Medieval and Early Modern Literature’

BA English, Y2: Seminar tutor, ‘Medieval Literature’; ‘Renaissance Literature’

BA English, Y1: Seminar tutor, ‘The Plays of Shakespeare’

       Lecturer, ‘Narratives of Witchcraft and Magic’

School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds (2018)

MA Museum Studies: Lecturer/workshop leader, ‘Placement in Context’

Lifelong Learning Centre, University of Leeds (2017-18)

Humanities Foundation Year: Lecturer, ‘The Renaissance’

School of Humanities, York St John University (2015, 2019)

Liberal Arts Foundation Year: Visiting lecturer, ‘Identities’

BA English, Y2: Visiting lecturer, ‘Shakespeare and his Contemporaries’