Dr Kit Heyam (they/them or he/him) is a Leeds-based freelance writer, heritage practitioner, trans awareness trainer and academic.

Kit is available to discuss work in any of these areas:

  • Trans awareness training: conversational, interactive sessions where ‘stupid questions’ are welcome, tailored to the practical realities of your workplace
  • Workshops for HE students and staff: practical guidance on public engagement, collaboration with heritage organisations, and working ethically with queer and trans communities
  • Writing: commission a trans writer to cover trans rights or trans history
  • Sensitivity reading: ensure your book represents queer and trans people accurately, respectfully and ethically
  • Heritage: consultancy to develop your representation of trans histories or identities, as well as participatory heritage workshops, tours or curatorial work 
  • Media: interviews or comment on trans/queer history and trans rights
  • Academic research and teaching: find out more about Kit’s research interests and teaching experience, and get in touch if you’d like to talk further

To contact Kit, please visit their contact page.