Trans awareness training

I am an experienced transgender awareness trainer, specialising in higher education institutions and non-profit organisations. Since 2015, I have delivered training to a variety of university departments in York and Leeds, as well as presenting on trans issues at national higher education conferences. I draw on my own experiences as a library assistant in academic libraries, as a postgraduate teaching assistant, as a charity coordinator, as a student, and as a trans person.

My training offers staff and students the chance to:

  • Ask ‘stupid questions’. Trans issues are still beyond the working familiarity of many people – but they often remain afraid to ask for help for fear of causing offence. I establish a safe, non-judgemental space in which no question is unacceptable.
  • Learn the basics. I cover the ‘building blocks’ of understanding trans and non-binary identities: what is gender? What does it mean to transition? Which key terms is it useful to know?
  • Apply the basics. Training sessions are tailored to your team or organisation, so that attendees can see clearly why trans issues matter to the job they do and know how to put their learning into practice.
  • Understand why trans inclusivity matters. I provide legal context, policy guidance and best practice, but also individual case studies – making the case for trans inclusivity from both a statutory and a human perspective.
  • Build confidence and familiarity. The objective of the training is to equip attendees with the ability to react confidently and sensitively when they encounter trans issues in the workplace, avoiding shock or discomfort. Interpersonal interactions are often the most crucial factor in giving a trans customer, student, client or service user a positive or negative experience. Training is what makes the difference.

Training sessions can last from an hour-long staff meeting or learning lunch, to a half-day workshop, depending on your requirements.

Not sure? Have a look at my testimonials, or get in touch to discuss how I can help your organisation.


University of York
Library staff

AMOSSHE, The Student Services Organisation
Two workshops at ‘Supporting Trans Students’, March 2017

Customer Services Group UK (university libraries)
Presentation at ‘Developing Accessible and Inclusive Customer Service’, November 2016

Leeds Beckett University
Human Resources – Student Wellbeing – Libraries and Learning Innovation – Open sessions

University of Leeds
Medical students – Library staff

York St John University
Services for Students – Open sessions

Joseph Rowntree Foundation
All staff