Skills workshops for HE staff and students

PLEASE NOTE: I will be on parental leave from 17 July to 3 December inclusive. My capacity to take on additional work before my period of leave is now limited, though I’m happy to receive enquiries and discuss options.

If you are looking for a trans-informed trainer or consultant in higher education, you may also consider contacting one of the following:

Are you looking for opportunities to develop the skills of your staff, postgraduates or undergraduate students in the arts and humanities? Do you need practical guidance on how to engage the public with your research, how to maximise the impact of your public engagement work, or how to create workable collaborative relationships between universities and the heritage sector?

Drawing on my heritage work and impact and public engagement experience, I regularly deliver bespoke workshops to share my expertise with staff and students in the HE sector. Workshops can include:

  • Public engagement: How do you craft a narrative of your research that will capture the imaginations of the public? How do you find opportunities for public engagement – whether you’re just starting out as an early-career researcher, or are an established academic looking to find new avenues for communication?
  • Impact: What does it mean for research in the arts and humanities to have an impact? How do you create the conditions for impact – and how do you measure and capture it?
  • Collaboration with the heritage sector: How can academic staff and students build meaningful collaborative relationships with organisations and the heritage sector? What is the key to establishing and maintaining trust, ethical partnership and genuine reciprocity? What does true co-production look like, and how can you embed it in your practice?
  • Working ethically with queer and trans communities: What are the key considerations, stakes and pitfalls when academics seek to work with queer and trans communities? How can you do this work responsibly, ethically and sustainably?

If you’d like to discuss arranging a workshop on any of these topics, or in a related area, please get in touch.