Before We Were Trans: A New History of Gender – out now!

My first trade book, Before We Were Trans: A New History of Gender, is out now in the UK and North America! Here’s a review of the book from the New York Times.

You can order in the UK in all formats here – or from all good bookshops, including Leeds’s own queer indie bookshop, The Bookish Type. You can order in the US as a hard copy or ebook here, or as an audiobook from Libro.fm here!

Before We Were Trans is a global history of gender nonconformity. It tells the stories of people who don’t fit into modern and/or Western trans categories – but who nonetheless show us that gender has never been fixed, essentialised, or unchallenged. It’s also about history, and how we can do history in a more humane, ethical and anti-racist way.

For any enquiries about Before We Were Trans – or if you’d like to discuss commissioning a trans writer to write about trans rights or trans history – please get in touch via my agent, Holly Faulks at Greene & Heaton (hfaulks@greeneheaton.co.uk) in the first instance.

Other writing

As well as academic publications, I’ve contributed articles about queer history to online magazines including NOTCHES and The Public Medievalist, and published a chapter about trans inclusivity in libraries:

‘Creating trans-inclusive libraries: the UX perspective’, in User Experience in Libraries: Yearbook 2018, ed. by Andy Priestner (UX In Libraries, 2018), pp. 36-51

‘How Museums Hide Women’s and Queer Histories in Plain Sight’, The Public Medievalist (12/12/2019)

‘Making gender visible in museums: a new approach’, Gender & Culture Archive (Genus & Kulturarv) (12/06/2019)

‘York Lesbian Arts Festival, 2000-2008: “It was like we took over the city…”’, Queer Beyond London (24/05/2017)

‘Maleficent favourites: seductive bewitchment at the English court’, NOTCHES: remarks on the history of sexuality (29/11/2016)

‘Rainbow plaques: mapping York’s LGBT history’, NOTCHES: remarks on the history of sexuality (23/07/2015)

Beyond penetration: rethinking the murder of Edward II’, NOTCHES: remarks on the history of sexuality (24/03/2015)