Kit was really good at bringing in extra points in the clinical scenarios we wouldn’t have otherwise thought of and brought in his own personal experiences of healthcare and being a transgender person which helped put everything into context.

Medical student, University of Leeds

I really enjoyed your presentation on trans-aware customer service. It was really informative and eye opening, and you highlighted some really significant issues that I have to confess had not occurred to me before.

Delegate at Customer Services Group UK conference

The session was really interesting and informative.  I thought you were really engaged with the audience and made the space feel safe for staff to ask questions.

Student Wellbeing Team staff member, Leeds Beckett University

Events like this demonstrate that York St John is a safe space for our community, whether it is staff or students.

Student LGBT representative, York St John University

I found the session really useful and helpful. I thought Kit did a fantastic job of outlining how students can be supported in HE institutions, and he did so in a way that stopped anyone from feeling defensive, or negative.

Staff member, York St John University